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We offer exceptional proofreading services at affordable prices! We've been in the proofreading business since 1980. We proofread any text, graphics, print, or Web sites at any academic or technical level --- fiction, nonfiction, legal, research, tenure, court transcripts, marketing, and self-help. We can handle any format you want to deliver!

Achieve your communication targets today! Let our professional English editors help enhance your quality to communicate in writing. Our editors will not only correct grammatical mistakes, but all typos leaving a positive impact on your documents.

We accept all types of documents for proofreading. We specialize in business documents, transcripts, academic papers including highly scientific documents, and technical documents including IT papers, Web site content, and other IT-related documents.

We also have a wide array of English writing reference materials that you can read to help you improve your own writing skills. For starters, visit our list of Common English Mistakes. This section will surely help you avoid blunders in English that most writers inadvertently make.

Want to have some fun? Try and take this fun spelling test for yourself! See how well you can do. All of our proofreaders got 100%. If you score well, you don't need our services, if you don't score well, please contact us.


As proofreaders, we subject all text to checks for incorrect punctuation, misused words, text that mixes tenses, and other small inconsistencies that detract from the overall work. We proofread the entire text, looking not only for grammatical errors, but also for logical presentation of the subject matter as well as consistency throughout.

As we proofread, we will automatically correct the obvious errors. We can do this by either marking up your hard copy or making the changes directly to your electronic file. We will write thoughtful queries to suggest possible re-writes for awkward sentences. If you decide to change your text based on our query, we can even make changes for you.

We also provide web page proofreading. If your web page(s) are already on the Web, we will copy the text and create a corrected HTML file. If your page is in the development stage, then we can assist you by making the corrections before you submit/upload your page(s).

We draw on our years of experience in reading everything from technical research journals to grade school educational materials. We have read post-graduate dissertations and academic tenure papers, easy-to-read "how to" books and manuals, journal articles that include data-intensive tables, monographs, stenographic court transcripts and newsletters. We have proofread for authors for whom English is their second language, helping those authors to exchange idiomatic "literal translations" for grammatically correct phrases. We are able to read intelligently about any topic, written at any academic level.

Our proofers have been called "grid-eyes" because nothing gets past them. Large quality corporations use us as the "last set of eyes" before printing. College students use our services for their resumes. Many stenographers use us for court transcripts. No job is too big or too small.

We accept major U.S. credit cards.

We issue invoices to most corporate clients if requested. We can bill hourly or by the page. We can invoice biweekly or monthly, it's up to you. Our typical charges are around $40 an hour, and $50 an hour for quick turnaround. Stenographers, we're proofreading your transcripts for 40 cents a page! We're here to help you!

If you have questions that remain unanswered, please feel free to contact us using the e-mail link.

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