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Barton Web Design Testimonials

The continued success of our affordable web design and hosting service relies on providing our valued clients with a sustained efficient service. We appreciate hearing from those of you who have taken the time to send in comments - it's always good to receive feedback. The team at Barton Web Design and Hosting take clients' views very seriously while working to continue providing a hosting service you are happy with and to maintain excellent customer support. The following is some of the feedback we have received:

"We have been delighted with the personal service offered by Barton Hosting, associated with the new arrangements. They have provided a level of support which exceeded expectations. We find that the overall new service is as fast and reliable as our previous hosts, but with a substantial cost savings and excellent customer service. Barton Hosting certainly provides affordable web hosting solutions. We've recently used your services for some proofreading of marketing collateral, and have been amazed at the amount of money you have saved us in printing costs! Things that were already proofed and approved by others, you found errors! Outstanding job."
Jeff Garner -

"Barton Hosting Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service has quadrupled our sales over the past year! I am very pleased with the efficiency of PPC, and recommend Barton Hosting to all my friends, family and business associates. The PPC service is affordable and has actually saved my company thousands of dollars in conventional advertising i.e. (magazine and radio). Before we started PPC we were only getting about 300 hits per month, now we are well over 95,000 hits! We've actually tripled our business! Totally awesome!"
Anna Leonard -

"After consulting with my client and listening to his specific requirements I found that your template fit the bill exactly. The template allowed me to incorporate all of my clients wishes in the short time frame allowed for the job and proved such a success they are considering awarding me another account. Keep up the good work, I will definitely purchase more templates at this price and quality."
Perry Strickland-

"Thank you very much for your speedy and polite service, and for the excellent Web design we have received from Barton Web Design and Hosting . I have been recommending you to all my clients."
Barb -

"Express and efficient delivery service from Barton Hosting in setting up my hosting requirements. I must say that I am more than impressed with the personalized service from Susan, who has continued to answer my questions and help me where necessary, which highly prompted me to trust and use the services of Barton Hosting."
Russ LeFevre

"I've found the rest of server facilities plentiful and useful. I haven't found any other host which has such a good cost to feature ratio."
Anna Marie -

"I must say I am very impressed with your service and as far as the pricing is concerned, I will have no hesitation in recommending you."
Boni G -

"I have used many different servers over the years for various projects. After designing sites for 6 years and having to sort out hosting programs, I can honestly say that Barton Hosting offers the absolute best in hosting packages. The previous problems I have encountered include poor up time, no support and mind-blowing control panels that you would have to be a programmer to understand!"
Barbara Jordan -

"The packages from Barton Hosting offer the solution to these problems. They are very simple to use and over the last few months with them I have never found any of my sites unavailable, which I found astounding. The best part of the package is the support. I can honestly say I have never felt so confident in 'letting my site go', knowing that even with the slightest problem the team at Barton Hosting are there to help you - quickly."
William B. -

"As soon as I had uploaded my first site onto this hosting provider, I knew I had to move others onto it right away. I now have 3 sites hosted by Barton Hosting and for as long as they provide hosting I will never move away from them. I am that confident in the service. This is how it should be done!"
Randy Stone-

"Well worth the money spent to have our professional site created and hosted. Prices are competitive also!"
Jimmy Marotta -

"Love the personal service I get from Barton Hosting. I'm immediately talking to a person! GREAT job! "
Chuck Mahoney -

"The email features are very good and plentiful."
Alex - Tree Service

"May I take this opportunity to express my delight with your web hosting package. The Control Panel is excellent and so easy to use. I was surprised to see that the package included three traffic stats options and find them most useful. Since uploading my site, I've had no problems at all and highly recommend your services. I don't know how you do it for the price . . . . but I'm sure glad you do."
Ed Robinson -

"I have already recommended several of my customers towards Susan’s friendly and very painless services and they all agree with these comments, that, Barton Hosting is an incredible service for the price, not only do you get good value for the money but you get help as well. I will be using Susan for years to come and will be recommending her to all my new customers."
Jon Lyon -

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